Soon after daylight, a spike and small 8-point walked out. Three double-digit tines of 10 2/8 to 13 5/8 inches, plus 7 1/8- and 9 3/8-inch brows and a 21 3/8-inch inside spread, add plenty to this regal crown. the only deer I killed was an 8 point, and I shot him at 295 yards. Eight hours later, one of the trail cameras captured photos of the buck, who seemed to be acting as if nothing had happened. [], This is an easy two pot meal, one for the venison stroganoff and one for the starch that can be prepared at home or at the camp. Even though he was in the tall weeds and stuff, I could see his body and his vitals. Hunters in Texas have killed 200 bucks since 2010 that made book. Everytime we go out, we can get our hopes up that the deer crunching the leaves behind the stand we're in is one we have only seen in our dreams until now. After a cold front blew in around the middle of the month, Watson moved to a treestand. The majority of these came from Maverick (28), La Salle (24), Webb (23), Dimmit (20) and Kleberg (11) counties. It appeared that he was going to come right to me, Hall says. He charged in out of nowhere. A native of Hattiesburg and graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, Cleveland lives on Ross Barnett Reservoir near Jackson with his wife Pam. He closed the remaining distance needed to get within range, dropped into a kneeling position and took the shot. "The buck I missed was the sixth one to run through there that morning," said Hooper, a former Jackson resident now living in Benton, Ark. Literally a 600-yard radius. Justin Kamps first learned of this deer in 2019, but it wasnt on their radar. During the spring conservation order, you can hunt with outfitters from Arkansas to Saskatchewan. Several years ago, Lee was able to purchase the property right next to his father, and they both began hunting there. Realtree is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience to everyone, including those with disabilities.2023 Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved. He was directly downwind of me and lifted his head and sniffed," Ryan recalls. Fast forwarding to Sept. 7, 2021, the day brought hot temperatures. Gordon Whittington talks with 13-year-old Troy Metzger about the 2016 hunt that landed the young man a monster non-typical buck on this edition of Big Buck Profile. "When we recovered the deer, his head was leaned on a sapling, propped up. Public Land Arkansas Monster Buck - Realtree Camo The footage confirmed that Moreland had made a great shot. I finally decided to take a chance and take off work. His stand location was in a draw between two ridges that led to a destination ag field. The big buck was right behind her. The 2021-22 deer season is a wrap, and some big whitetails fell between the opening and closing bells. Site by Gray Loon. Pike County hunter kills giant non-typical 25-point buck After graduating from college, the West Memphis, Ark., native moved to Jackson in 1992 to begin his career. "All my buddies were expecting me to be jumping up and down when I found the buck," Ryan says, "but I didn't. Its hard to justify shooting a spike or forkhorn when you know there is a Boone and Crockett buck in the area. Bowhunting is the primary management tool in this region. The left main beam had palmation, and the last circumferences were as big as the bases. Mississippi Sportsman Frequently Asked Questions, Mississippi Sportsman Big Buck Photo Contest. 'I'm sure the entire encounter only took a few minutes, but it seemed an eternity. The day before Halloween, Johnathan saw the buck chasing a doe at 4:30 p.m., but the buck stayed out of range. By now the deer was a huge 9-pointer that grossed over 160 inches. The G3 on the right had three stickers and the left G3 had two. Deer was killed in Clarion County, Pa. , weighed 412 lbs. It is my biggest to date. Ryan didn't bother taking his bow that day, as he'd been hunting for seven straight days and hadn't seen the big deer once. They both laid their ears back and stood their hair up, Hall says. Don't Miss:Is This the Largest Buck of the 2019 Deer Season? Luke Wilson of McComb was stunned when he and his brother walked up on the big buck Luke had shot minutes earlier in a big cutover on his deer lease in Pike County. Check out these 10 monster bucks that were taken throughout the country. Hunting public land, he killed a buck in the Natural State that would make a Midwesterner swoon. Advertisement. I knew he was a shooter, but I didnt really see all that he had. I couldnt believe what I was looking at.. Most of the deer walked straight toward him, but the big buck disappeared over the hill. Man, that stand doesnt have any cover at all, not at all, and I was sticking out like a sore thumb, he said. Watts shot the buck at about 50 yards with a rifle chambered in 6.5mm Creedmoor. I noticed on my iPad that it was 1:50 p.m., so I figured Id better keep my eyes peeled in case something came by.. After a while, he looked for the deer and recovered his buck. Copyright 1998 - 2023 Mississippi Sportsman, Inc. All rights reserved. Morelands Arkansas bow season started much like any other. It was followed by 10 more does, and behind them was a huge whitetail buck that Murdaugh had never seen. I thought he was bigger than 190. | As luck would have it, the buck didnt show. Currently, Watson is recovering from his injuries at home. We thought that maybe he had been killed, but when we checked cameras [in] mid-February, he had returned in late December. He logged many days on stand from dark to dark until mid-November. By 3 p.m., he was harnessed to the tree and ready to go. "At this point I started trying to kill him," Ryan notes. He knew something was wrong. As he waited for the sun to rise, he couldnt help but think of all his memories of the place, as well as the many times his father had taken him hunting as a kid. I would hunt this deer in the afternoon and the wind would be blowing 1-2 miles per hour and swirl, Latimer said. It was very warm for November, extending upward of 70 degrees with a southeasterly wind. The buck walked past him inside 20 yards. Follow along to see exactly how. After all the hard work and patience, it finally paid off., Eric Mullinas Missouri MonsterScore: 174 inchesDate of Kill: Sept. 25, 2021Location: Pike County, Mo.Weapon: Elite compound bow. Gordon Whittington talks with Steven Sprout about the trophy buck he took back in 1998 while bowhunting public land in Illinois. Thank you, Dad, for being my constant in life. Its pretty common to scroll through your social media news feed this time of year and see various photos of bowhunters sitting behind the monster bucks they have shot. I still have a lot of friends and some family in Mississippi, and the only time I get to come back and hunt is during the Christmas holidays, he said. His father passed away in October. He stood broadside, eight paces away. Dr. James Kroll and Haynes Shelton explain why it's important to know your neighbors when operating a smaller deer property. Alex Laffey, Dion Laffey, and Eugene Heisler, all from Eau Claire, have been charged with multiple wildlife violations. Hunter convicted of poaching largest black bear ever seen in Pa. county but he got way bigger. He encountered the buck a second time soon after. The Best Deer Hunting States in 2022 - Silencer Central I moved 150 yards downwind of his bedding area and started rattling, Lee said. It walked down a trail, turned broadside and offered a 20-yard, slightly-quartering-to shot opportunity. Virginia It was taken on a morning hunt during the modern gun Christmas season. Only 22, Wilson knows matching this kill will not be easy, not in Pike County. In this edition of "From The Stand," Pat Hogan explains the importance of being aware of proper clearance when using your bow or crossbow out in the field. Countrywide, it isnt often you get to hunt in August, let alone with a rifle. Stan Potts heads to Montana with his rifle in search of a Big Sky buck. During the summer of 2019, the big buck appeared regularly in a few fields close to where Hall hunts. The deer ran 40 yards and expired. "About 50 yards behind the doe, there he was. Top 10 States for Monster Whitetails - An Official Journal Of The NRA What is the world record for the biggest deer shot? Bobby Cleveland has covered sports in Mississippi for over 40 years. It's a mirror-image 180-inch mainframe 4x4 with 34 inches of non-typical points. Luke Wilson of McComb was stunned when he and his brother walked up on the big buck Luke had shot minutes earlier in a big cutover on his deer lease in Pike County. Courtesy of onX Hunt, here are the eight states in the USA with the highest deer density: Mississippi: 38 deer per square mile. His father remembered some advice from Grandpa Hill (Jimmy) about hunting near water on rainy days. Wilson kills 25-point buck that produces nearly 190 inches green. MILWAUKEE (AP) Cleveland Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam have agreed to purchase Marc Lasry's 25% stake of the Milwaukee Bucks in a deal that puts the value of the NBA franchise at $3.5 billion, two people with knowledge of the negotiations said Monday. Im a pretty good rifle shot; for some reason it comes naturally to me, and I dont typically miss. With the buck on his right side, Watson spun himself around to get in position. Dan Taylor, 33, of Shinglehouse, McKean County, bagged a massive 10-point with a 19-inch spread on the opening day of rifle season in north central Pennsylvania. I turned in his direction and prepared to shoot. Hunting public land, he killed a buck in the Natural State that would make a Midwesterner swoon. That beat the record set by Ayecock in 2015 with a Drew County buck . "I've pushed a few deer (trailing too soon), and I knew I needed to get my mind off things, so I decided to do something constructive. Right before Halloween, his trail cams captured good photos of the deer during daylight. But Ryan isn't just any hunter. Haynes Shelton discusses what to look for when choosing the magnification range when it comes to the scope on your deer rifle. He was set up in a blind along a fence row between two cut cornfields. "This was one buck that didn't have ground shrinkage, but had ground growth," he said. Morelands first encounter with the buck occurred on a hunt early in the season. The day before I killed it, two of my brothers and I were hunting in the same area and they both killed two smaller bucks, you know, like about 100 inches. He couldnt retrieve his deer since he had to go immediately to the hospital. The buck I missed was the sixth one to run through there that morning, said Hooper, a former Jackson resident now living in Benton, Ark. It scored 164 6/8 and ranked 9th overall. This season, Murdaugh had the opportunity to cash in some of that knowledge on a huge whitetail. Then, later in the season, he finally crossed paths with the deer one last time. Ryan Sullivan was only 19 when, during the 2013 season, he arrowed an Arkansas buck of gigantic proportions. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. He threw up his head and was looking around. Franz finally killed the deer on an Oct . The 5-Heaviest Whitetail Deer Ever Killed - On record SEO - Arkansas Biggest Deer I had no idea the journey our family was about to embark on with this deer, Lee said. After a quick congratulatory text, Ryan looked up to see a trotting doe. Stan Potts doubles down in Montana and Wyoming. The doe he was following came right beneath my platform.. With a net non-typical score of 212 6/8 it is also our largest whitetail ever taken with a muzzleloader. Instead, they hunted elsewhere in hopes of allowing the deer to live another year. The hunt unfolded on Nov. 28. He went right to where the doe had been, then turned to follow her.. 6/8 inches wide and sported sky scraping G-2s over 12 inches long.